Temperature Pattern Exercise

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M2A1 Temperature Pattern Exercise
Ricardo Cortez
GEOL 108

EXERCISE 10 PART 1 1. Is the temperature contrast between the equator and the Arctic region greatest in the winter or summer?
Temperature contrast between the equator and the Arctic region is greatest in the winter. Temperatures near or at the equator only change a few degrees between winter and summer while the Arctic region changes drastically up to 40 degrees between the seasons.

2. (a) Were latitude the only control of temperature, the isotherms would run straight across the maps from east to west. Describe one region of the world where this hypothetical isotherm pattern is actually observed.
(b) Why is the hypothetical pattern seen here?
Answer. The region of the world is near or on the equator; a specified area for discussion is central South America, in the country of Brazil.
Brazil falls right in line with the “tropical zone”. The temperatures of these zones are consistent all year round. The only distinguishing characteristic of the different seasons is the amount of rainfall that they bring. In areas of rainforests, such as in Brazil, the average rainfall is at least 2.4 inches per annum. To qualify as a Tropical Zone, an area must have a mean temperature of over 18 degrees Celsius all year round. (Brazil Climate, 2011). In addition, the height of mid-day sun is never less than at the equator. Twice in a year the sun's rays are vertical at the equator. Thus, the temperature is uniformly high in the equatorial region, and the annual range of temperature is negligible. (Rajan, 2012).
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3. (a) Is the

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