Temperature: Degrees Fahrenheit

Topics: Fahrenheit, Temperature, Celsius Pages: 3 (484 words) Published: July 25, 2014
1. Temperature: Put some hot water, warm water, and cold water in three bowls. Just use water from your faucet, and please be sure that the hot water is not too hot to touch! Place a finger in the hot water and a finger of the other hand in the cold water. After a few seconds, place them both in the warm water. Describe the sensations. Can you trust your senses for measuring temperature? Explain your answer. Placing finger A(pointing finger on left hand) in the “hot” water, my finger felt a hot and heated sensation, and placing finger B(pointing finger on right hand) in the “cold” water my finger felt a cool/numb feeling. After transferring finger B from the cold water into the hot water the feeling was stranger, the exterior of my finger felt hot almost immediately but the interior still felt cool. I believe you can trust your senses sometimes not most of the time, for example if you touch a hot pan you do not feel right away due to your nerves taking time to let your brain receptors know “Ouch! That is hot!”

2. You know that the normal temperature for a healthy person is about 98.6 Fahrenheit degrees. Express this temperature in degrees Celsius. F = 1.8C + 32 F = 1.8C + 32 
F - 32 = 1.8C 
(F-32)/1.8 = C 
C = (98.6 - 32)/1.8 
= 66.6/1.8 
= 37degC

(degrees Celsius/Fahrenheit)
750 degrees Fahrenheit
 554 degrees Fahrenheit
 469 degrees Fahrenheit
 454 degrees Fahrenheit
 451 degrees Fahrenheit
 450 degrees Fahrenheit
 450 degrees Fahrenheit
 450 degrees Fahrenheit
 450 degrees Fahrenheit
 450 degrees Fahrenheit
 450 degrees Fahrenheit

4. Answer the following questions:
A. Describe and explain the meaning of the graph.
The graph shows how after the time the water begins to slowly decrease in temperature until it is at a stable temperature. B. What is happening to the average kinetic energy of the molecules during the five minutes in which the temperature...
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