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Temperate Forests

By jimena97 Apr 22, 2014 278 Words

Temperate Forests

Temperate forests are ecosystems in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres of the world. One of the most important characteristics of this ecosystem is being a four season forest, with temperate climate. It´s also home for lots of animals and plants species, and a place with lots of resources people use for living.

The look of the forest changes during the year because of the well defined seasons; in the winter the forest may be covered by snow and look without life because animals migrate or hibernate. During the spring is much warmer and you can see all the animals coming back and the trees, plants and flowers begin to grow. On summer the forest is sunny, green and full of life. During the fall season, leaves turn orange, yellow red and brown, animals start saving food for the winter.

Temperate forests and mostly made from deciduous and evergreen trees. Most of the common animals we know like the deer, squirrels, bears, rabbits, woodpeckers, owls, mountain lions, and others live in this type of forests. Also in Australia we can find koalas and in China pandas. Much of the food we eat is found here, examples are apples, walnuts, mushrooms, and also the trees that are used for furniture, building and paper. This soil is very rich and it’s good for farming.

These ecosystems have a huge importance in the world and for humans, its home for many animal and plant species. Besides that is a resource of food and products humans need for living, but also people don’t have to take advantage of them. We have to take care of the temperate forests.

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