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By mystery91 Oct 12, 2013 620 Words
Topic 1:
With the number of mobile phone users increasing, the short
message has become a common means of communication. Some people take it for granted that it is a blessing, while others argue that it is a curse. Write a composition of about 400 words to state your view.

Ideas you may use in your composition are as follows (before start writing, don't forget to add a title for your essay, should no title be added, your composition will result in loosing marks):

Technology-----efficiency(同意的观点 3)
Mind------soul (同意的观点 1)
Society------crime (同意的观点 2)

Format for argumentation
这是一篇 17-18 分的作文,
字数 474 个单词,advanced words:
高级加分词汇 下划线部分为框架中要填的内容,红色字体 为高级词汇。
本篇文章高分词汇共计 65 个。
配合 format for

最低保 12 分



Mobile phones provide us with great convenience
In this day of change, the Homo Sapiens is progressing
drastically on various realms, yet at the same time many situations have sparked, a conspicuous one of which is text message in our mobile phones. Controversial views are held by different groups. Many of them assert that we are the beneficiaries of utilizing messages in our daily communication. However, some residents argue that it will, intangibly, engender side effect for the human being's health. This has aroused wide spread attention. In this essay I would like to analyze some arguments and state my own opinion. (95 words) 17 advanced words

Convincing argument can be composed that we can get profit
from the method of texting messages. To begin with, modern
technologies have assisted the human race alter their mind. Since, with such sort of modes of communication, one won’t need to worry about where and when talk to the wanted persons. In the second place, mobile devices do contribute a lot to the whole society. Specifically\ to be specific, man kind are living in an information era, filled with hi-tech products, thus, we neither need to represent things to them face to face nor in written forms, (e.g. prompt news can be grasped up-to-minute by using mobile messages). An even more 2

significant factor that should be taken into account is that the efficiency of adopting short messages. More precisely, currently, text messages have been frequently used compared with the last few years. Figures based on a research shows that this year the

proportion of inhabitants using text messages has raised to
approximately 97%, unlike the past few years, the percentage of whom utilizing short messages only account for 74%. It is also an indication that citizens prefer receiving edited version of things to receiving electronic ones. Just because it is less time consuming than tradition means. (206words)

25 advanced words

On the other side of the debate though, many individuals
claim that it might cause health problems to us. The main reason for this view is that the usage of mobile appliances contains
radioactivity, which is harmful to our fitness. We can discern that these people concern too much about health condition. Nonetheless, I would say this does not sound very convincing, since mobile device is one of the most effective ways for communicating. One illustration is that, as us college students who live far away from our hometown, we have to rely on mobile phones to keep in touch with our families. (103 words) 9 advanced words


In conclusion\ to summary\ all in all\ to conclude, based on the respective points made by distinct groups, to some extent, those who thought that mobile use does harm to human’s physical health are acceptable. Despite that, I side with the former perspective. I am convinced that it would be well-advised to impart new concept to vernacular dwellings, so as to make our life more convenient in the long run. (70 words) 14 advanced words

474 words in total


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