Telus Case

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Group 2

Critical Issues
In order for the Mike network to prove successful in the competitive wireless market, TELUS Mobility must address the following issues/opportunities: * How to position Mike as an essential business tool for key industries in order to collect on an untapped market. * How to ensure the continuation of Mike’s profitability and success as wireless technologies progress. * How Mike’s network services can remain a leader in the industry with the rising risk of competition. Situational Analysis

After acquiring Clearnet in 2000, TELUS’s digital coverage expanded to 22.6 million Canadians, a growth from 16% of the total population to 73% in one year. (Exhibit 4,5 ) This acquisition helped to expand their customer base by 27% bringing the total to 2.1 million subscribers. In 2000, 56% of the subscriber base had browser capable handsets, a technology rapidly gaining popularity among users. The iDEN network now offered by TELUS provided the fastest data service (19.2kbps), dedicated Push To Talk services, as well as all the regular services offered by CDMA handsets. At the time, TELUS was the only dedicated dual network provider in Canada. Five Forces: Due to the current level of industry competition and the limited number of substitutions, TELUS's Mike network offers a host of untapped markets to pursue. TELUS expects growth of Mike’s market to include airlines, film and television industries, government agencies and utilities; however the service provides a universal tool which is applicable to many others such as mining, oil/gas, transportation etc. Current Mike network coverage includes a portion of Alberta major oil sands, however further expansion could provide a major spike in service use. (Exhibit 1,8) Swot: As the current sole provider of dedicated Push To Talk services, TELUS needs to focus...
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