Tell the Woman We'Re Goin'

Topics: Short story, Marriage, Wife Pages: 2 (590 words) Published: January 12, 2012
Essay - Tell the women we’re going
In the short story Tell the women we’re going written in 1982 by the author Raymond Carver, we meet Bill and Jerry, two best friends who grew up together in the south area. The two friends went together grade school and junior high, and they shared everything even girls. But when they reached College their friendship takes a turn in the wrong direction because Jerry get married, and the two friends isn’t together as much as they wanted to. Jerry is the bossy type and Bill is more like the follower. Jerry is twenty-two years old, and married to Carol. Together they have two kids and one in the oven. He has a big house, with views over the Naches and when Jerry and Bill should be together it was always over at Jerry, partly because he had too many kids to drag around. Bill is a guy, who has not had it easy with girls, and he had also been dating Jerry’s wife Carol. But know he is dating a girl called Linda, and they also got married. Before Linda came into Bill’s life, Bill spended a lot of time with Jerry and Carol, always going over for lunch and supper, but it stopped because Jerry and Carol always got intimate together and then Bill find it awkward. To start with the setting of the story unfolds in Jerry’s home, for a barbeque, both Jerry and Bill are there with their wives and Jerry’s kids playing in the yard with a plastic ball and in the car and on the mountain when they follow the two girls, Barbara and Sharon. The title Tell the women we’re going says a lot of the whole story, because these two guys Jerry and Bill used to be free, before they got married, and they made a lot of wild things together in their younger years like, being together with the same girls and also having a summer job, without any boss yelling at you all the time. It also tell us about what it kind of feelings Bill and Jerry have being married, because they have to say to their wives that they will leave for a little run and the feeling of being...
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