Tell The Truth But Tell It Slant

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Tell All The Truth But Tell It Slant —
Tell All The Truth But Tell It Slant is a poem by Emily Dickenson written in 1263. The poem describes how telling the truth is the best. The main theme of this poem is the truth; the whole poem basically goes on and on about the amazement and dazzling awesomeness of telling the truth. In this poem the author means by the truth, is the truth about life, and living in a true and honest way and the truth of god. She means the truth by who we are and what are we doing here, the truth of beauty, pain, art etc. , she doesn’t really tell us what the truth really is. The poem starts by instructing the readers “ Tell the truth but tell it slant”. She later explains that we shouldn’t be afraid of the truth and we should tell the truth dancing instead of just telling it. The truth is also explained as something powerful that no one can handle. Later by the half ending of the poem she explains that if the children understood how the lighting works it would ease their fears away and she compares this by telling us if we tell the truth in a slant and delicate way it would make it easier for other people to handle. There’s also a comparison within this comparison, which is that the truth is powerful and bright like the lighting. She also explains that we should tell the truth gradually and not all at once. Thus if we tell the truth all at once we would be over-dazzled and blinded by the powerfulness of the truth. Finally, this means that humans wouldn’t take in the whole truth all at once, but in a delicate and slant way; because we’re humans and humans are sensitive. Emily ended the poem with a dash rather than a period that means that there’s some type of continuation. The author used metaphors to express what she means and to attract the readers. The poem is a balled and it’s an iambic tetrameter. There’s no exact setting in the poem. -6858000The poem:

Tell all the truth but tell it slant —
Success in Circuit lies
Too bright for...
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