Television Consumption

Topics: Advertising, Junk food, Child Pages: 3 (1041 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Thesis: The overabundance of television consumption has raised developmental concerns in youth today, by creating health issues, risky and violent behaviors, as well as a confusion of fantasy versus reality.

One of the growing concerns on how television affects children today is the effects of food advertising on their health and fitness over the past few years. Many know that the food purpose is meant to fulfill the body’s basic nutritional needs. There are many different kinds of foods to choose from in the five foods groups. Of these five food groups companies develop and formulate foods to be marketed into a brand (Nefat, Benazic’, 2011). Marketing companies find that children are a more reachable market due to the consumption habits are usually adaptable in early childhood and preferences to certain brands will be encourage by their adult life (Livingstone, Helsper, 2004). The best ways to advertise the numerous brands of food is to create television commercials. Television is the easiest way to deliver the message that advertiser wants to get across. On a weekly basis the average child watches about 17 hours of television in which, that child will see on average, about 28 commercials per day which is about 71% of programming time slot (Ofcom, 2004). Because of this there is a high consumption of a high calorie diet which has resulted in an increase of obesity in young children, creating risk of illness and disease (Caroli, Argentieri,Cardone, Masi, 2004). Advertisers use numerous amounts of ways to entice children to want to buy into a particular product. The best way advertisers go about doing this is by offering incentives for the product being advertise, like offering a toy or a prize, to excite the child, making the child desire to have the product being advertised. Some of the most recent research has linked television marketing and advertising to children’s health and obesity. Television is

marked as an activity to requires little to no...
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