Television and how it relates to police work

Topics: Crime, Police, Criminology Pages: 4 (1446 words) Published: February 26, 2014
On average, most american homes spend mode than 4.5 hours in front of a television set everyday, this exposes them to over 200,000 dramatized acts of violence before they reach the age of 18. One of the biggest contributors to this violence are television programs based on police-work; proliferation of police dramas, their portrayal of different means of committing and solving crime, and the depiction of law enforcers themselves can hamper and aid actual police work in a big way. Which drives which? Does fact derive from fiction or does fiction reflect fact? It is probably a bit of both, with real life providing the background/template for fictional action, but how much can a TV show influence what happens in real crime fighting? Police dramas affect real police-work (advantageously or not) in regards to the tactics implemented, behavioral habits, and public opinion. police tactics have evolved copiously to keep pace with ever intelligent criminals and vice versa, one can make an argument that both sides have been affected from television and movie dramas. Many of these entertainments come very close to matching real life cases, displaying police tactics and equipment, and inventive criminal methods and weaponry. fictional crime 'inspires' reality, do both the police and criminals take note of particular situations, even though the fictionalised account will be somewhat over the top? One example is that ubiquitous device that can cut perfect circles in glass, after which the criminal then removes the glass. That device is fiction; glass does not cut like that. Another is the procurement, use, and alterations of high-powered weapons. Given their dominance and presumed effectiveness in TV shows, criminals are more than likely to imitate this, giving the police more problems. While U.S. police are routinely armed, they are not in the U.K. and debates as to whether British police should be armed occurs after each gun crime. This is one reason why some people in...
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