Television and Audience Ethnography

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Audience ethnography
Nowadays television become much more important in people’s social life as a part of their everyday life. There is a complex relationship between television and daily life. Television effects people’s life in some ways, but there are lots of elements effect on television viewing at the same time. This study focus on the ways that gender identity, cultural proximity and generation effects on audience choice of television viewing. Gender identity separates audience choice into specific interest groups. Staubhaar (2007) observed gender was central factor not only represented from telenovela text, but also shaped the cultural capital and other positions used by audience to choose their own interests. He also mentioned norms and attitudes between gender roles were totally different in the community, which may be the reason that male and female interest in different areas of television programs. Ellen (2002) concluded the arguments from feminist scholars about gender roles usually are produced, played out and challenged in family television. The attitude and behaviours in the way of watching television were closely connected to family hierarchies and gender roles. Morley’s research (1986) mentioned that women focus on a taste of soaps and movies, men preferred crime show or soaps and sports. The reason was that men believed the true things or real things more than fictional viewing, it was based on their perception through different evaluations of television in social distinctions. Audience choice of television is effected by cultural proximity. Charlotte and Setijadi (2007) observed the influence of cultural proximity base on East Asian TV dramas in Indonesia. They defined cultural proximity as the reason of audience choose similar cultural products from other countries based on shared culture elements with their own culture. The audience choice may influence and relate to their identity, language, value, appearance, religion, lifestyle and...
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