Television Analysis Gossip Girl

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The Upper East Side
1.Gossip Girl , “Gone with the Will”
2.Plot Summary
The episode begins with Blair Waldorf and Jack Bass attending the will reading with Chuck Bass, who has recently lost his father. The late Bass wrote Chuck a letter before he died, and Chuck is presented with the sealed letter. Chuck becomes angry, and refuses to read the letter. He says that he does not want his father to call him a failure once again. Blair snatches the letter away from Chuck’s uncle, Jack. Blair reads the letter, and tells Chuck that his father bequeathed the company (Bass Industries) to him. Chuck claims that he does not want it, and tells his uncle that he can have it. Chuck storms out of the room, and Blair chases after him. Blair convinces Chuck to keep the company. Chuck tells Jack that he changed his mind, and would like to give running the company a try to carry on his father’s legacy. Jack becomes angry with Chuck’s decision, storms out of the office, and warns Chuck about the hardships ahead. The next day, Blair plans out her dinner with Chuck for later that evening. Jack tracks Blair down to tell her he would like to do something nice for Chuck. Blair agrees to give a brunch the following morning at Bass Industries. As Jack walks away he looks smug. Later in the evening, Jack interferes with Chuck’s plans, by convincing Chuck to go out with him. He tells Chuck that as a Bass he should not have to go running to some wife, referring to Blair. Chuck calls Blair to cancel, claiming that he needs to stay at the office to work late. Jack takes Chuck out with some women he has brought to entertain Chuck. Blair is disappointed and blows out the candles she set on the romantic dinner she has laid out. The next morning, everyone is at the brunch for Chuck. Chuck himself appears to be missing. When Jack arrives, Blair questions him about Chuck’s whereabouts. Jack ignores her and introduces her to some senior members of the board. Blair smiles, exchanges pleasantries, and demands Jack to tell her where Chuck is. Jack says he might still be hard at work in his office, and suggests Blair take the senior members with her. Blair leads the senior members up into Chuck’s office. When Blair opens the door, Chuck is at his desk disheveled with two women in lingerie. The senior members are disgusted, and wonder aloud why the late Bass ever put Chuck in charge. On the other hand, Blair is heart broken. She turns her back on the scene, marching downstairs to the brunch. Chuck follows downstairs, obviously confused. He fights with Blair, telling her he does need a wife, and she needs to stop trying to help him. Blair leaves. Jack reveals that the board has put him in charge, because if Chuck broke the morality clause his father had put, then the board could dismiss Chuck and put another in charge. Chuck realizes his uncle has been plotting against him all along. Chuck goes to Blair begging for forgiveness, and telling her that he was set up. Blair refuses to give him yet another chance, telling him it’s over, and he has no one to blame except himself. She throws the bouquet he brought her at him as the elevator doors close. 3.Character Descriptions

Blair Waldorf is the queen bee of her prep school. She is a gorgeous young lady with brown hair, brown eyes, and a signature style. She is famous for her headbands. She comes from an extremely wealthy family, living on the Upper East Side. Her parents are divorced; her dad lives in Paris while she lives with her mother. Her mother is barely around, because she always seems busy with her fashion line to pay much attention to Blair. On the exterior, Blair is a proud, vain, dominant, confident, and spoiled young lady, but on the interior, Blair is a vulnerable, insecure, loyal, scared, and lonely young lady. She cares deeply about her friends, and would do anything for her loved ones. She is vulnerable to the actions of people around her. Her loved ones hold the power to hurt her deeply. When her...
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