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Television becomes one of the most influential innovations of the 20th century. It totally changes our style of life. Television has good and bad influence on people. Some people think that we must allow kids to watch tv whenever they want other think contrary to them. I strongly believe that tv have harmful effect on kids. Below i would like to illustrate several reasons and examples to support my point of view. First and foremost i would like to mention that tv become brutal today. Children at the early age absorb everything like sponge however they cannot distinguish bad and good and that is why when they watch television they do not sort information that they get from television, it affects physiology of kids in negative way, kids becoming much more aggressive after the watching TV . For instance they see in movies how it easy to kill any person they do not think about consequences, or actors die in one movie and revive in another it seems easy for children to kill or to become alive. Moreover, it is crucial to highlight that tv is an grate attraction for any child, even elder people cannot force themselves to avoid watching tv. When people watch tv they cannot do anything else, tv like magnet attract people. Therefore because of tv children start pay less attention to their lessons, they want to finish lessons as fast as they can and watch their lovely cartoon or movie. Furthermore tv have negative effect on children’s health, because of television children start pay less attention to physical activities, they become more lazy. According to statistics because of tv more and more people start wear glasses. On the other hand each coin has two sides its worst to highlight that there are some situations where my option not work because of tv people become aware about most things in the world. There are some channels that nurture kids to do good things; moreover there is many programs on tv which educate children. To sum up taking into account all reasons and...
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