Teleton, a Marketing Strategy.

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As a marketing strategy, the Teleton takes advantage of its nature as a fundrising event to create humanitarian and sensitive campaign, that with advertising of personal growth stories and symbol kids with disabilities makes every year thousands of families around the world, involve with the cause of the event. These advertisements, are created with the aim of encouraging people to contribute with funds, not only directly in the moment of the event, but also with approximately with two months in advance to buy and use the products and services offered by the sponsors of the event, so, in that way every time a costumer purchase or use a sponsors product or service, a percentage of this purchase is destined to the Teleton. Another marketing tool to make more attractive the event is by including the entertainment aspect on it. For example, the event is hosted by different celebrities who are responsible for presenting the different entertainment performances, such as dancing, music and even comedy shows of well-known national and international artists. In 2012 the event broadcast had the participation of more than 500 national and international media and by having as main sponsor Televisa, which is a multimedia mass media company, the largest in Latin America and in the Spanish-speaking world, the fundraising event can reach every corner of the countries in which it is promoted. Media| Number (2012)|

TV Stations| 72|
Radio Stations| 77|
Newspapers| 192|
Magazines| 131|
External Media| 103|
International Media| 5|
Total| 580|
The Teletón production is supported by enterprises that also finance year-round expenses of the CRITs (Teletón Children's Rehabilitation Center). There is only one sponsor for each product category and the benefit that the sponsors receive, is that during the 24 hours that the show lasts, only them will have access to the advertisement. The first broadcast had nine sponsors; by 20012 the...
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