Telephone Role Play
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Jerome: Good Morning, Marciano, this is Jerome speaking.
Vincent: Good morning, May I please speak to the manager of the restaurant?
Jerome: Yes I am. How can I help you today?
Vincent: Hello Jerome. My name is Vincent. I’m calling from Awesome Creative. We’re a strategic marketing firm that does branding and web design. Do you have a couple of minutes to talk to me about your marketing needs.
Jerome: Well, I’m working with a few different firms right now, some of which do web design and branding works.
Vincent: I understand. Lots of advertising agencies dabble in this, just like we offer branding and web design to some of our clients who want it, but that’s never why we’re hired. We’re hired because we do innovative web design better than anyone else. Is improving popularity of the restaurant a priority for you right now?
Jerome: Yes. I’m looking for further development for Marciano. But what is the advantage of having a good web design for a restaurant?
Vincent: Well, A good web design for restaurants is therefore essential, as food is as much about looking at as well as tasting it. So picture of perfect food is visually appealing and imperative to get those new customers coming in and trying your food.
Jerome: Yes, I agree with you. It has been becoming a huge trouble for us since last year. To be honest with you, their works were not so effective at all.
Vincent: Oh I’m sorry to hear that. However, if you want your website tying in with any existing promotions, color schemes, or decorations, we can integrate your website into your existing image with a better design.
Jerome: Okay, by the way, would you mind describe professionally how a great website is,
Vincent: No problem. A great web site is an important aspect of your community presence. Your social media efforts can drive visitors back to your web site for more information. It’s worth noting, years ago customers liked to see you had a business premises, bricks and mortar. Now, they like to see

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