Teleological Ethics

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Christian Action and Values

Teleological Ethics
Our everyday lives are based on goals. When wake up in the morning until we go to sleep at night, we are always basing our days on the goals we have or have not yet accomplished. We center our decisions on the where those options will take us, the goods. A good is what we are all trying to receive when our goal is accomplished. Teleological ethics or teleology helps us shape our decisions everyday as well as achieve the goods we strive for in life such as success, good relationships and the right decisions. Teleological ethics or teleology is a system of ethics that gives primary attention to the goals or goods that we achieve by our actions. (Lovin 23) Teleology focuses on the results of our actions. We have to have some understanding of what will result from our choices in order to make correct moral choices. Therefore when we make choices that have a good outcome, we are acting morally. “They are ethical in that they prescribe what sorts of consequences are good – ones we ought to do; and what sorts are bad – ones we ought not do.” (Sevenoaks School) Teleology also focuses on the good as a basis for moral value. Fortune, secure home life, successful career are all examples of goods in this sense. Being successful is almost drilled into every person’s head at a young age. We are told that if we commit to our dreams that they will come true and we will all prosper. Becoming successful is almost everyone’s dream, whether they consider that to be fame and fortune or just a comfortable stable lifestyle, everyone defines success in different ways, but we all know when we have achieved success. The goals that I set for myself right now will help me to succeed in graduating as a first generation college student. Going to class, doing my homework and making sure I am actually learning from this experience are all factors in my overall goal. I want to be able to look at my diploma and know that I succeeded in my...
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