Telekinesis Theory

Topics: Psychokinesis, Energy, Poltergeist Pages: 5 (1785 words) Published: September 12, 2011
Telekinesis Theory

We all know that we use some of our psychic potential sometimes........but we also know that few or none of ever use it all. Have you ever just "known" that something was going to happen? Have you ever had a "sense" as to whether a person you have just met is of a good or bad character? These perceptions are simple everyday examples of your unintentional usage of underlying psychic power. So, what if you could focus this power to manipulate the world around you? We know through science and physics that physical energy is created by electromagnetic impulses, and that the electromagnetic and vibratory fields of an individual or object are affected by the electromagnetic and vibratory fields of other individuals or objects. This is how the entire universe works, from atoms to galaxies. Therefore, it stands to reason that a very focused form of this energy, directed like a laser beam, could indeed result in "mind over matter" type phenomena. This phenomena can be referred to interchangeably as telekinesis or psychokinesis - physically moving an object or changing the form of an object solely by using the power of the mind, and without physical manipulation. As all of us can exercise to strengthen the body, those of us who are so inclined can also exercise the psyche to strengthen psychic and telekinetic powers. Simply stated, by learning to focus one's natural energy and vibratory rate, one can physically manipulate the world around them. It is probable that the ancients knew how to manipulate this power and used it to build the Great Pyramid at Giza. Unfortunately, few of us today have enough knowledge, discipline, or focus to do so. Ancient Chinese philosophy teaches us that every object and individual has a circulating life energy known as Chi, and this seems borne out by recent advances in physics, namely the superstring theory (see The Concept of Other Dimensions for a brief explanation of this theory). Having said that, on a good day telekinetic abilities would be a wonderful thing to have around - beginners could move small objects and change the shape of things, such as bending a metal spoon. Advanced telekinesis could include locking doors, opening windows, starting cars, and a million other mundane tasks we do daily. On a bad day, however, telekinesis is probably very closely related to activity such as poltergeist phenomena, with objects being manipulated to hurt or frighten others. Unfortunately, we hear more about disruptive poltergeists than people who turn the stereo on from the couch without a remote, indicating that something has triggered the brain to such an extent that it can send that focused signal and manipulate outside objects. In poltergeist activity, this trigger is almost always believed to be a strong negative emotional state such stress, anger, hate, or frustration. So is there any way to focus the Chi, or internal energy into a laser beam that will manipulate objects purposefully? Even the ancients knew that every object vibrates at its own unique frequency, or resonance. The plant on your shelf, the paperweight on your desk, and the dog at your feet are all vibrating at their own unique frequencies. By somehow raising or lowering your own vibrations to match the object you want to move while simultaneously focusing electromagnetic brain waves, you could move, reshape, or destroy any object. A good example of this is a singer who hits a high note and shatters a nearby drinking glass - through focused energy she has matched the vibrational frequency of that drinking glass, eventually shattering it. Indeed, the key word when dealing with the practice of telekinesis is "focus." This can't be stressed enough. All the want-to in the world is not going to make that object move or bend if you are not completely focused. As such, knowledge and practice of meditation techniques and inner awareness is a prerequisite for anyone interested in cultivating their psychic and telekinetic...
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