Telecommunications Market In Russia 2014 Development Forecasts For 2014-2018 - Market Trends

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Telecommunications Market In Russia 2014 Development
Forecasts For 2014-2018 include new market research report "Telecommunications Market In Russia 2014 Development Forecasts For 2014-2018" to its huge collection of research reports


Explore growth and prospects in the Russian telecommunications sector.

Publication features current data, detailed forecasts for market development 2014-201.
What impact has the macroeconomic situation in Russia had upon the country’s telecommunications market? How have economic and other factors influenced growth and expansion? What is the overall value of the market and what are the values of each specific segment? Which of the segments will expand more quickly than the others? Why? What types of infrastructure updates are needed to support new technologies and facilitate additional growth in this market and each of its segments?

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Telecommunications market in Russia 2014, Development forecasts for 20142018 provides the answers to these questions and much more. This unique publication is a compilation of facts, data, analysis and carefully-prepared forecasts that readers can rely on to gain a clear and accurate perspective of the potential for business success in the fixed-line telephony, mobile telephony and Internet access services segments.

In addition to value and prospects for these key segments, the report also includes examination of sub-segments that offer potential for rapid growth and expansion, such as IP TV and satellite communications. It presents market evaluations in accordance with ARPU, AUPU, APPM, churn and CAPEX, as well as other widely recognised telecommunications industry indicators.

The report offers an inside look at market conditions in the Russian telecoms sector, furnished by an assessment of 30 leading

telecommunications providers currently active on the Russian market. It contains clear and reliable forecasts for expansion and information about the current infrastructure and the plans in place to accommodate advancing technology and make way for additional growth.

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A thorough examination of current market trends is also included, along with updates on the growth of technologies such as 3G, WiMAX,, LTE networks and FTTx in Russia’s telecommunications sector. Required infrastructure upgrades are noted and plans to expand or speed up integration of these and other emerging technologies are detailed within the pages of this document.

This publication was created by the market experts at PMR to meet the business information needs of executive and management personnel engaged at telecommunications companies active in Russia, as well as those of companies new to the market or considering the launch of a new business venture. Banking professionals and investment specialists, marketing professionals representing clients involved in the market and researchers and business consultants will also appreciate the clear and easy to access data, analysis and forecasts that together provide a valuable and extremely versatile guide to current operations and conditions as well as expectations for growth in the future.

Telecommunications market in Russia 2014, Development forecasts for 20142018 is useful when locating new business and investment opportunities, shifting resources between key market segments to maximise earnings and planning new business activity in this market. It is a trusted source of guidance in all types of decision-making, estimation of market demand for

specific services and products and planning of a successful marketing strategy.
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Telecommunications market in Russia 16
Mobile telephony market 50...
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