Telecom Problem in Bd

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telecom technology in bangladesh : problem and solution

Submitted to
Khanam Nargis SultanaAssistant Professor Department of Humanities ,|     | &|
| Md.Mizanur RahmanLecturer, English Department of Humanities, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, Dhaka- 1000, Bangladesh|

Prepared by
Student no: 0606008;L-2.T-1
Department of ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONIC Engineering,
Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology,
Dhaka – 1000.

Forwarding letter
12 october,2008
Khanam Nargis Sultana
Md. Murshikul Alam
Course teacher.
CourseNo: HUM-272

Subject: Report on telecom technologies in Bangladesh-problems & it’s solutions.

With a great honour and pleasure I am going submit the report on “Telecom technologies in Bangladesh : Problems & it’s solutions” I have tried to make the apposite sensitivity about the current states of telecom sectors in Bangladesh & express the existing scenario regarding it’s problems & solutions . It is my pleasure to express my earnest gratitude to both of you for guiding me through all this time in preparing this report with your valuable suggestions as teacher

Telecom sectors contribute greatly to the development of the communicative & economic sectors in our country .But lack of proper care & management creates a great nuisance that results in the mass suffering and communication disruption . With a view to solving this problems I have put my effort in this report for some better solutions .I reckon it wil help us to have a proper view on our problems & get some effective solutions for our telecom sectors.

I do apologize for the mistakes & lackings in my report. Lastly my cordial greetings to all who helped as well as inspired me to prepare this report .

Yours sincerely,
Syed Hasibur Rahman
Std. no : 0606008
Table of contents
SL NO Title page no
Cover page i Title page ii Forwarding letter iii Table of contents iv List of illustrations v Summary vi 1.0

1.1 Introduction 7
1.2 Telecommunication across he world8 1.2 Telecommunication in Bangladesh 9
1.4 Vision & mission of BTRC 9
2.0 A glance over the problems of the11 telecommunication systems in Bangladesh 2.1 Infrastrural problems 11 2.1.1 Operations and maintenance 12...

References: Bank. 2001. world Business Environment survey.
2.Government of Bangladesh. 1998. National Telecommunication policy.
3. International Telecommunication Union. 2001. World Telecommunications Development
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