Telecom Cable Industry India

Topics: Optical fiber, Broadband, Signal cables Pages: 4 (1270 words) Published: December 16, 2010
Cables are the crucial infrastructure backbone of an economy, the critical elements that wire up the length and breadth of the country as telecom and power networks. The Indian cables industry offers lucrative scope for stable revenue streams to manufacturers of both power and telecom cables. The report is an application of various Business marketing concepts with respect to the telecom cable industry in India. As an introductory background, the report outlines the structure of Indian Telecom Sector. Emphasis has been given to the telecom cables sector going by its higher percentage of contribution to market consumption (more than 65% of the US$ 1.2 billion cables market). (Indian Cable Industry- Emerging Opportunities) TELECOM SECTOR- OVERVIEW

India’s telecommunication system is one of the oldest in the world - operational from 1851. It is owned and operated by the Central Government (till 1991 - 92) and governed by Indian Telegraph Act (ITA) 1885 and Wireless Telegraphy Act 1933. Telecom sector in India evolved after the regulations made competition enter this industry. The National Telecom Policy (NTP) Act 99’ which deregulated the Group of Telecom (GoT), raising Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) limit to 74% was followed by successive policies by Telecom regulatory authority of India (TRAI). The result was declining calling rates, additional Value added services (VAS) and net benefit to the end users. Competition made the sector better.


PIJF is an assembly of a number of pairs of copper wires. The gap between the pairs of wires is filled with petroleum jelly to reduce noise and transmission losses. Each line has two wires—one for incoming and the other for outgoing. There are two types of PIJF cables in use—solid PIJF cable and foamed PIJF cable. In case of the solid PIJF cable, the conductor is insulated with solid polyethylene. This type of cable is...
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