Topics: Environment, Natural environment, Virtual reality Pages: 4 (1428 words) Published: April 12, 2013
With Tele-Immersion you will interact with your friend on the other side of the globe through a simulated holographic environment. This technology will change the way we live.Tele-Immersion is a technology that can be virtually realized by 2010 and can be implemented by internet 2.It allows various people from various geographic locations to come together.Tele-Immersion differs from virtual reality by the way that virtual reality allows us to move in a 3D environment whereas Tele-Immersion only creates a 3D environment.The applications of Tele-Immersion are very large and it is a technology that is going to affect various sectors. Tele-Immersion will take to new heights the idea of video conferencing.This paper deals with the uses, future and applications of Tele-Immersion. It also deals with the components used to recreate the holographic environment, display technology. Tele-Immersion has an environment called TIDE. TIDE stands for Tele-Immersive Data exploration Environment. The goal of TIDE is to employ Tele-Immersion techniques to create a persistent environment in which collaborators around the world can engage in long-term exploration and analysis of massive scientific data-sets. When participants are tele-immersed, they are able to see and interact with each other and objects in a shared virtual environment. Their presence will be depicted by life-like representations of themselves (avatars) that are generated by real-time, image capture, and modeling techniques. The environment will persist even when all the participants have left it. The environment may autonomously control supercomputing computations, query databases and gather the results for visualization when the participants return. Participants may even leave messages for their colleagues who can then replay them as a full audio, video and gestural stream. All users are separated by hundreds of miles but appear collocated able to see each other as either a video image or as a simplified virtual...
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