Tektronix Inc_ Global ERP Implementation

Topics: Implementation, Enterprise resource planning, Management Pages: 2 (1027 words) Published: October 29, 2014
1. Write a 1 page Integrative Framework analysis of the IS implemented at Tektronix (not the implementation approach/project) Business Needs/Drivers Simplify, restructure and increase visibility into operations at Tektronix, Inc. Improve financial performance at Tektronix Improve integration of information systems across all divisions of Tektronix dramatically. Improve ability of systems to support the quickly growing business of the CPID division CPID business needed IT capabilities to help grow their business and be competitive in the market place. Information System(s) Deployed Process Changed business processes to fit the system implementation of the Oracle ERP system. Cross region selling transactions in US dollars went through a US based holding company with branches throughout the world. Implemented English as the system language worldwide except for customer facing documents. All invoicing, collection and cashiering processed changed so that they are entered through the Oracle ERP system. Changed order entry so that only one business divisions product is placed on any order. Centralized the Financials across all divisions and made US dollars as the base currency with orders and invoices being in local currency. Organization/People Once the ERP system was implemented, the jobs for the users in the organization changed. Instead of spending 90 in data collection, they now spend more time analyzing the data. Financial analysts were able to drill down to several levels of detail and hence could get sales trends and internal performance. Country Managers in Europe were eliminated. Moved each country from a profit center to a commission basis. Managers became better decision makers. Entire organization became more thinkers than doers due to the transparency and availability of data across the integrated organization. Employed Oracle and Aris consulting to help with Project implementation. Outsourcing the mainframe infrastructure caused a reduction to staff in...
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