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TEFL course assignment 2

By sonkahonka Oct 04, 2014 401 Words
Familiarizing myself with the school

Before my first day in school i would come to school and introduce myself to all fellow teachers, familiarize myself with the policies and procedures in the school. I would take a tour around the campus, learn where the closest bathroom and cafeteria is. I would go in my classroom, see what materials are available, find out if I have access to a copy machine, cd player, video player. I would make sure i got a board and different coloured pens in the classroom and I would adjust it to my liking, put notes and pictures on the walls – english alphabet, some pieces from grammar, maps and photos of England to talk about depending on level the students are on. I would purchase few things in case of emergency – hand sanitizer, tissues, plasters, water bottles, paper blocks, notebooks, pens, pencils. I print the names of all my students for their name tags.

I would send each student a welcoming letter with info about me, class schedule, materials needed throughout the year and contact information. The welcoming letter will be designed in a positive manner with pictures and smileys. On my first day I arrive early, stand outside the clasroom and greet students, tell them to find their name tag and put it on. When the lesson starts I introduce myself, write my name on the board. I explain about the campus, show where all the facilities are, where to get lunch menu, coats in the classroom. I explain the main classrules, everyone has to talk in English unless really necessary, always ask if you don't understand...and put them on the wall where everyone can see it. I explain the classroom procedures, if you wanna talk put your hand up, don't talk with other students during the lesson unless a group work, have your materials – homework and pencils ready first thing in the morning, I make sure everyone understands it. Each lesson I will assign one or few students for different classroom jobs, e.g. assisting with technical appliances or different activities. I start with few icebreakers, tell them to introduce themselves in pairs. Each one of them will have to introduce his partner to the whole class and we play a name game after so everyone remembers them. On my first lesson I will focus just to get to know each other by playing different games.

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