Teens Need More Sleep

Topics: Sleep, Sexually transmitted disease, AIDS Pages: 2 (586 words) Published: January 9, 2011
Have you ever been in first period class when you feel like you could just drop dead sleeping? Many teenagers feel this way on a daily bases. Teenagers are getting less than seven hours of sleep. Even thought seven hours may seem like a lot considering that one should get eight hours, you will soon encounter why these precious hours are so important. People are sleeping less than they did 30 years ago. This is unacceptable-no it’s ridiculous. If teens were not tempted by so many late night parties and all nighters, we would and should not be having this problem. It is essential that teens get the right amount of sleep. It is teen’s obligation to be getting more sleep. It is hurting theirs and our academic progress in the United States of America. An astonishing study shows that a person who receives A’s and B’s get an hour more sleep than people who get F’s and D’s. This means that sixty minutes can dramatically increase your grades. This goes to show you that sleeping well can affect you in every way and any way. If you ask me that is worth getting out sixty minutes before a party ends. A whopping 94% of teenagers set there own bed time. This means that we have teenagers lurking around at all hours, which can also lead to fights, shoot outs, gang issues, and a very high likelihood of having sex at an early age, which in many causes lead to one getting HIV and AIDS. Also other STDS (sexually transmitted diseases) can come from not being protected. Who would have thought all this happens just because people don’t get enough sleep. Moving on, not sleeping well can also increase the possibility of sleeping in class. As a matter of fact over 60% of high scholars report extreme day time sleepiness on a regular bases. This means that more than half of teenagers in high schools don’t get a good night sleep. This is just absurd. And a towering 20 to 30% of high scholars sleep in class. So as you are starting to see sleeping is a critical factor of ones daily well...
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