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People now having a heated debate over whether students should work while going to school, because many of today’s teenagers have their first jobs when they are still in high school. Some people think part-time jobs interfere with students’ school work, and most of students choose to work in fast-food chains like KFC, which don’t require employees to have higher education. While part-time jobs can present some problems, they can also help students gain excellent work experience, cultivate their responsibilities, and teach them some useful skills.

One of the positive results from working a part-time job is the fact that “more than a paycheck [is] gained from that initial working experience” (Brown 309). When students work for a part-time job, they can learn some useful skills from it. For example, students can learn a good communication skill. They can’t speak casually anymore, they have to communicate for the purpose of business. That’s what they can’t learn from the class room, because they can joke with their friends in school, but when they as an employee, everything they do represents the image of the company, their words must be limited, and they have to know how to speak respectfully. Michelle Gust, a senior at Mt. Carmel High has learned how to flexibly deal with people, pointing out that “management wants you to communicate well with them and the customer” (Brown 311).

Although I have to concede that “most teen jobs these days are highly structured” (Etzioni 298) and “impart few skills that will be useful in later life” (Etzioni 298), but even the humble job, as long as you have the desire to do better, we still can learn some useful skills from it. We know many successful people they are not born to be successful. They started from the bottom, but they all appreciate the job opportunity when they are still a student, because what they learn from it benefits them for lifetime.

A student that can maintain a part-time job can gain...

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