Teens and tattoos

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“On Teenagers and Tattoos”
Youth likes to be heard, and they ensure that it is in so many ways. The article on “On Teenagers and Tattoos” by Andres Martin, published by the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, explains how youth use tattooing and body piercing to express their way of thinking and how they feel. It also explores the various key reasons that lead to the decisions of youth to tattoo. Youth and tattoos is a growing trend in the US and parents of these teens that decide to have tattoos and piercings are concerned with their decisions. In this article Dr. Martin views tattoos in a positive way. This is shown in the last paragraph where he mentioned, “they (tattoos) can often be understood self-constructive and adorning efforts, rather than prematurely subsumed as mutilatory and destructive acts” (Para 12). He does not view youth having tattoos as a negative thing; instead he feels that it may be a form of symbolism for these youth. The intended audience of this article is to the psychiatrists, exhorting them to have another way of analyzing youth, and secondly for people who view youth having tattoos in a discriminating way.

Dr. Martin brought up three main good reasons why youth get tattoos. The first reason that teenagers get tattoos and peircings can be subject to single them selves out and be unique. Secondly, tattoos can be treat as a tool to help cultivate the memory bringing back memories of a relationships or even an object. And last, is that teenagers get tattoos to symbolize their own experiences and get a tattoo that is showed on their skin to permanently have a relationship with that tattoo. Some youth might get tattoos to last them a lifetime rather than something that comes and goes. Like what Dr. Martin commented, “tattoos, unlike many relationships, can promise permanence and stability” (Para 9). The purpose of this article is to allow the intended audience understand the key reasons of youth tattooing and...
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