Teens and Part-Time Jobs

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News - Parenting | |Teens and the Part-time Job: The Pros and Cons of Letting Your High School Student Work

By Sara Richmond Walls

It seems like a great idea: your high school student spending a few hours a night at the local grocery store making a few extra bucks. In many ways, it is a win-win situation. They can use the money to help you pay for their college, or to pay for their own gas. Your student, in return, receives the knowledge of responsibility and what it means to earn a dollar. Still, there are pros and cons to letting your high school student spending their time in a part-time job. 

The Pros 

As mentioned above, there are several pros to letting your student tackle a part-time job. The first and the most obvious is the slight amount of stress taken off of your wallet. Perhaps you don’t have to pay for their gas anymore, or their i-Tunes downloads. Even if they aren’t making enough to pay their way through college, they are helping take some of the financial burden off of you, specifically for perks like dinner and a movie out with friends. 

In addition to the added income, there is no doubt that most individuals do not truly appreciate a hard-earned dollar until they’ve earned it themselves. With your student working a part-time job, you can teach him or her the importance of saving, balancing a checkbook, and setting financial goals. They will have a sense of accomplishment with each paycheck, and chances are, they won’t spend their own money the way they’ve been spending yours! 

The Cons 

Even though the pros of encouraging your student to work are numerable, there are equally as many cons. The greatest disadvantage to letting your son or daughter out into the work force during their high school years is the overwhelming amount of stress this can cause. Let’s say your student leaves for school at 7:00 and doesn’t get home until 3:30. That is eight and a half hours away from home doing work that would even make your head hurt!...
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