Teenagers & Unprotected Sex

Topics: AIDS, Human sexual behavior, Sexually transmitted disease Pages: 3 (978 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Shavado Smith 
English 017 
Teenagers & Unprotected Sex 

In a hyper-sexualized society that continues to thrive as each day passes, the thought of unprotected sex has lost the shock value it once possessed.  It is now considered normal to hear teenagers bragging about not only their conquests but the unprotected sex they are having. "She let me go in raw" or "I told him not to use a condom" are just a couple of the phrases one can hear when listening to these conversations. Unprotected sex as it relates to teenagers has become a big problem in the world today for two main reasons which are lack of education and lack of concern. Many are simply unaware of all the choices available in regards to protection for safe sex. There are vast options for both males and females that allow them to engage in healthy, safe sex. As a result of unprotected sex, there are increasing numbers of unplanned pregnancies and increased frequency of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) among teenagers.  Lack of education is the primary cause of unprotected sex among teenagers. Not receiving adequate education can be the fault of both the parents and the individual.  Teenagers often receive flawed information about safe sex from popular culture and their peers but almost always never from credible sources such as their parents, or the counseling department of their school. These misguided, ignorant teens then make poor decisions that can have detrimental, long-lasting effects on their lives. I have a friend who became a mother at the tender age of 17 because she was having unprotected sex; the reason she was having unprotected sex was because she thought that the “pull out” method (which is when the male ‘pulls out’ out of the vagina before ejaculation) would work. She was unaware to the fact that no doctor considers this method to be very effective because semen can leak out of the tip of the penis. Consequently, her decision to have unprotected sex led to her having to...
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