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Teenagers Today Complete

By tzewern Apr 12, 2015 1014 Words
Name: Cheng Xuan Yu
Class: 3 Watson / 3 Bestari 1
IC No: 961229-07-5100

What is the meaning of ‘Teenagers Today’? Teenager refers to young people between the ages of 15 to 20. Now, I am going to talk about the teenagers today. First of all, I would like to talk about teenage love. Let’s start from this angle - an artist. Justin Bieber is the artist that most teenagers fallen in love with. He is a famous artist and he is young and handsome. Teenagers like to spend their money to buy their favorite artist’s album. Don’t you think this is a waste of money? I think so, because they had wasted their parent’s hard-earned money. I think they should save their money and donate to the people in Japan. Japan had faced tsunami and an earthquake. Most of the people lost their relatives and homes. They are facing a big problem that is money. They need a lot of money to rebuild their country. So why shouldn’t we contribute to them? A social problem is a condition that at least some people in a community views as being undesirable. Everyone would agree that some social problems, such as murder and death on the road involve teenagers. Drug usage is an increasing problem among teenagers in today’s high schools. Most drug usage begins in the preteen and teenagers years, these year are most crucial in the maturation process. During these years teenagers are faced with difficult tasks of discovering their self identity and searching for goals that would give their live meaning. Teenagers might try drug just to fit in the group they hang out with. Even if a teenager has no intention of using drugs one might do it just to be considered ‘cool’ by his friends. Drugs can cause addiction. If the teenagers tried once, they will find it difficult to stop relying on drugs. Teenagers today are totally different from the teenagers in the past. The old generations teenagers were hardworking. They worked real hard to get a better life for themselves and their family. Compared to now, teenagers do not appreciate things that are given easily by their parents. They just know how to waste their parent’s money. Some of the adolescents even scold their parents for not giving them enough money. This is really a bad attitude. Is the money that parents earn is meant to be wasted by children? This is ridiculous too! Adolescents today also love to show off. They will buy expensive handphones and the latest gadgets even if they do not have enough money to buy those expensive things. For example, the latest iPhone and ipad. Although those things are very useful but it is too expensive. Some teenagers will not able to afford it. If they can buy those things by themselves, where does this money come from? By stealing the money from their parents? Or their parents provide all the things requested by their children? Then the parents had spoil their children. Teenagers nowadays are really addicted to computer games. Computer games bring them benefits and also have disadvantages. Teenagers can release their stress while playing the computer games. The disadvantage of teenagers playing computer games is that they will be addicted to it. Some teenagers neglect their studies and play computer games almost every day. Social medias are Facebook, Window Live Messenger, Twitter, Youtube, Linkin, Friendster, Blog and Meboo. Using Facebook is a very popular activity among the teenagers. Facebook can used for chatting, play video games, sending messages and doing so many other things. Teenagers can even make new friends by using the computer. It sounds great but some of the new friends may cheat them of their money and some teenage girls also are being cheated by bad guys through the computer. Teenagers today love sports. They love sports like badminton, swimming and basketball. Sports bring a lot of goodness. Sports can help them to be fit and is good for their health. Sports also can fill up the teenager’s leisure time. Whenever they want to play computer games, they can replace it with any form of sports. Sports is always better then the computer games. Computer games bring advantages, but sports bring more! That is the reason why teenagers today should participate in sports more. Adolescents nowadays face a lot of pressure. Lots of pressure comes from their studies. Parents pressure them to ensure that their children will get a good result. But, most of the teenagers hate their parents for giving too much pressure. They don’t realize that their parents are just trying to give them a good life. The more their parents want them to perform well, the less they do. They don’t know how much their parents care about them; they just know how much pressure their parents gave them. Teenagers also do not care about their parent’s feeling; they do whatever they like just to anger the parents. Teenagers love to hang out with their friends. They like to go shopping and buy things that are unnecessary. This is a big problem for their parents too. Parents work every day and do not have the time to accompany their children. So, their children like to hang out with friends and do not want to stay at home. Parents are too busy to control their children. Most of the teenagers said that hanging out with friends is done just for fun. Yet parents worry about their children’s safety. Hanging out with friends for teenagers is also a waste of their parent’s money and their own time. When they are hanging out with friends, most of the teenagers will go and watch movies’, sing in the karaoke room, and go to the cyber café. All of these are a waste of their money. Hanging out with friend is not suitable for teenagers. As a conclusion, teenagers today are different than the old generation’s teenagers. They have a very different attitude. Teenagers in the past were better than teenagers today in attitude and behavior.

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