Teenagers Today

Topics: Adolescence, Drug addiction, Politics of Malaysia Pages: 3 (977 words) Published: March 30, 2011
The earthquake that hits Japan reminds me how fast things can change. The situation that Japan had to face now is just the same as Malaysia handling teenager’s issue. The Japan government has to spend around 48 billion to build up all the buildings that collapse due to the earthquake. At the same time, Malaysian government has to spend millions of money for teenagers recovery planned. Malaysian teenagers change their lifestyle as the world becoming more modern. Teenagers in 1940s are really different compare to teenagers in 21st century. They have attitude that as good as angel. They thought that education is everything. They do not have a lot of discipline issue since they want to study very hard to improve their family economy status. This situation is really different from teenagers today that have a lot of discipline issue. They think that study is not important and willing to do anything to satisfy their desire. Teenagers act as someone that does not have any responsibility towards their family, country and the most important, their self. They become immoral teenagers that smear oneself with sins. Main problems like smoking, gangsterism and illegal racing are affecting the country’s development. Smoking is a bad habit that is conquered by teenagers especially boys. Nowadays, this problem has spread like a silent killer to everyone including girls. In this era of globalization, youth resort to smoking as an escapism.The main causes of this problem are depression with their studies as well as with the family. They are stressed by the workload at school and high expectations by parents at home. They do not know how to cope with stress thus resort to the ‘dreamland’ of smoking. These youth are deprived of parental love as parents are too occupied with their jobs. They do not have enough time to spend with their children. Teenagers feel neglected and ignored. Besides smoking, drugs and teenagers drug use is the increasing problem among...
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