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Teenagers Take a Part-Time Job

Topics: High school, College / Pages: 2 (386 words) / Published: Jun 3rd, 2013
In some countries, teenagers have jobs while they are still students. Do you think this is a good idea? Support your opinion by using specific reasons and details.


In Japan, it is prohibited that students have a job in a law until they are junior high school students. As an exception, they can work to help their parents a bit. However, many high school students have a part time job, although they are still teenagers. This system makes sense for me. Therefore, I agree with the idea that teenagers who are still students have a job if they are high school students. I would like to show three of the reasons in writing.

First, teenagers should experience society. Schools are isolated places from society. Students know only the specific small world. In other words, schools do not teach what society is. Schools They are not perfect in this meaning. I strongly believe that students should know the world that is completely separated from schools. If they are high school students, they are old enough to know society. Of course, it does not have only a pure face. They will know a very dirty face. The experiences will be important as their education.

Second, teenagers should know the value of money. They will get money as long as they work. They will know the importance of money. It is difficult to earn 10,000 yen when they work in a part time job. If they get money from their parents, they will not understand the weightvalue of the money. They will waste that. To avoid that, they should earn money by themselves.

Third, teenagers should encounter a variety of people by working. Working in an office or shop, students will encounter many people. It is valuable for students. In schools, students see the same people everyday. They only see their friends and teachers. I believe that they should know various generations of people. Society consists of these people. Therefore, they will broaden their thinking by getting influence from these people.

To sum up, I declare that it is good for teenagers to have jobs as long as they are high school students. When I was a high school student, working was prohibited by the school. I would have worked if working had not being banned.

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