Teenagers, Students and Part Time Job

Topics: Full-time, Want, Part-time Pages: 1 (405 words) Published: July 28, 2012
In some countries, the teenager has to do part time works to earn some money and the student as well . Do you agree or disagree that teenagers or students should do part time? The issue of students or teenagers should do part time works is a controversial one. Many believe that part time jobs benefit them so much. Moreover, by doing part time, they can earn money, become financial independent, and even can help their family in case of needs. On the other hand, many argue that those should not do part time job because their main duty is studying. In my opinion, I personally think that students or teenager can work part time but not mainly for money. I base my ideas on the following reasons. Firstly, it is undeniable that money plays an important role throughout the life of each people, especially for teenager or students. Having money from working part time, they can pay for themselves every day basic needs such as : buying a book, tailoring a clothe, …even taking a long holiday without financially depending on their family. Furthermore, experiences from working part time will be a advantage for them when they applying for a job. This is really important factor in nowadays competitive job environment. Their experiences will create a strong impression for the employer. In addition, in some cases, they can support their family in case of needs. However, from other side, those who pay too much for part time job clearly get many disadvantages especially for those still studying. For instance, their time paying for studying would be limited, thus they may have difficulties in following the class. Many complain that they are too tired and do not want to go to class after hard working night. Consequently, these students will receive a not good grade records, therefore, this will strongly affect on the chance of finding a good job. Moreover, those who have a large amount of money in hand may be easily involved in drug addition, alcoholic, even committed in serious crime...
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