Teenagers: Selfishness Caused by Negative Influences

Topics: Adolescence, Peer group, Peer pressure Pages: 2 (807 words) Published: November 29, 2009
Selfishness Caused by Negative Influences
Teenagers today are seemingly more self-centered and irresponsible. They act as though their parents owe them when they are actually the ones that gave them life. They do not want to follow the rules of society and prefer to go against the “norms.” They live in a world where they live for the moment, with no thought of what tomorrow may bring. Several negative influences, such as, peer pressure, lack of parental involvement, television, and lack of church attendance can cause teenagers focus on themselves.

For example, in today’s society, teenagers are subject to extreme peer pressure. When they attend parties, they feel pressure to drink and do drugs in order to fit in. Drugs have become more readily available through the years. Anyone can get their hands on marijuana and alcohol. Fake ID’s can be gotten by anyone who knows where and how to get it. Teens can get older friends to buy alcohol, and also some of the teen’s parent’s provide it for them. Teenagers attend parties now that they shouldn’t ever be associated with. At these parties there are things such as drug abuse, alcohol abuse, and sexual activity. Drug abuse includes pill popping, injecting needles into your system, sniffing, and smoking. Also, a teenager’s curiosity about the opposite sex and peer pressures can lead one into having premarital sex. They all want to know what the boy or girl they are interested in is thinking. They may be pressured by the fact that “everyone is doing it.” Most teenagers do not think of the consequences of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases that goes along with having premarital sex.

Further, many of the issues with teenagers today stems from lack of parent involvement. It can lead to poor academic performance, emotional problems, as well as selfishness. Many parents are working one or more jobs to provide a higher standard of living for their families. When they are home, they have so many...
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