Teenagers Perception of Birth Control and Abortion

Topics: Birth control, Abortion, Pregnancy Pages: 7 (2292 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Research Report
Executive Summary (Summary or Abstract)
The aim of this report was to investigate woman teenager about “Teenagers perception of birth control and abortion”. So, this is the big problem in Thailand because abortions are illegal in Thailand, remain common and an important public health issue for women in Thailand. Which results from sex without protected. So that’s the big problem of women, and the purpose of this research is how teenage women think and awareness of birth control and abortion. We are finding who have been a sex, then what did you do if you pregnant while you studying. How do you do and how you solve this problem. Introduction

The dictionary defines birth control as "a regimen of one or more actions, devices, or medications followed in order to deliberately prevent or reduce the likelihood of a woman becoming pregnant." Birth control has become imperative in today's world, due to the global rise in population, need for family planning and also to safeguard oneself from unwanted pregnancy. There are various methods of birth control that one can adopt, including the withdrawal method, or coitus interruptus; barrier methods like condom, diaphragm, cervical cap or contraceptive sponge; chemical methods like contraceptive pills, contraceptive patch, or the progesterone-only pill (POP); intrauterine methods; fertility awareness methods and more. Other than the preventive methods, one can also adopt abortion methods like surgical abortions, chemical abortions and herbal abortifacients to end unwanted pregnancies. Some permanent birth control solutions are surgical sterilization, which includes tubal ligation for women and vasectomy for men. According to records of the Department of Health, each year 10,000 students under the age of 15 have become pregnant in Thailand. An age-old issue of students premature pregnancy and their legal right to compulsory education attracts much controversy, primarily if it's related to early teen pregnancy.

By and large teenage girls don't intend to get pregnant. They just lack life’s experience. By denying them education, it isn't just punishing them, which is wrong anyways, but a punishment for their children and families alike. They have already been punished by having to look after a child at such young age, but to cut short their educational opportunity...

One can argue that the current policy of expelling pregnant teenage students is against the law, as Thailand is signatory to the convention on the rights of the child. Still, a Students Pregnancy Bill proposed by the Thai government draws a hot debate. A draft bill intends to give pregnant students the legal right to take maternal leave and continue their studies after giving birth.

Literature Review
These changes have been accompanied and underpinned by urbanisation, westernisation, moderation of cultural and religious norms, and the expansion of Thailand's infamous sex industry. A substantial (and largely undeveloped) rural economy remains (details of sources available from authors on request). Sexual health is an increasingly important public health issue. and In a recent cross-sectional survey, 43% of Thai girls aged 17 years or younger reported having sexual intercourse; one in five of these reported this experience as coercive, and one in four became pregnant.5 Other studies in Thailand have documented increasingly early sexual debut, low rates of contraceptive use by adolescents, a growing burden of HIV and other sexual transmitted diseases in young people, rising rates of teenage pregnancy and illegal abortion, and the exchange of sex for money or gifts. and These trends are similar to those in other countries in transition and worldwide. Even if you use some other methods of birth control, condom is the king. Condoms not only prevent pregnancy, they are the only solution that protects against sexually transmitted diseases. Just in case of new romantic sexual encounters – you meet that...

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