Teenagers Dependency on Technology

Topics: Mobile phone, Spelling, Computer Pages: 2 (588 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Teenagers have come extremely dependent on today’s technology to the point where greater society has come to question it. The highly debated question on whether it should be allowed for learning relates to the dependency issues, the ability to communicate or focus on the task at hand, and copyright or plagiarism issues. No matter how some teenagers differ, most all have had their learning affected by themselves or even others.

Dependency issues have been a major problem for teenagers when it comes to technology. They rely a great deal on who is doing what and how many people liked their photo. But what happens when one day all the technology disappears? Teenagers would be more or less useless. Another point that comes along with technology is that spell check has absolutely everything. Not only will it auto-correct any spelling, but it will even do abbreviated slang. With spell check doing all the work, teenagers don’t learn how to spell or grammatically correct a sentence. Lastly, not only must we worry about the present of our dependency, but we must also consider our future generations. If our reliability on technology increases, we won’t even need school. To even think about something other than technology existing would devastate many teenagers.

Another big issue is how teenagers have become unaware of their surroundings due to all the personal gadgets they acquire. For example, when a teacher is explaining a lesson, a common teenager will be hiding their cellular mobile under the desk while they communicate to their friends. This can not only affect their grades, but also result in punishment. Another factor may include the constant reminder to teenagers that someone might have messaged them. This distracts the teenager from focusing on their current task and will result in negative grades. Finally, not only is a personal gadget a constant distraction to oneself, but it also may be a nuisance to others around them. When a cell phone isn’t...
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