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A’Lsha Malone
Speech 1301
General Purpose:To Inform
Specific Purpose:To inform the audience about three reasons teenagers receive sex education in schools.

I.Attention Getter: The American Medical Association in its Family Medical Guide found an “increasing number of teenagers in the United States have sexual intercourse at least once. About 10% of those who have had intercourse have had it often, and with more than one mate” (Kuntz and Finkel 731).

II.Qualification: Growing up as a young African American woman, I witnessed young teen girls and boys becoming mothers and fathers at early ages.

III.Audience Motivation: Due to the rising rate of teen pregnancy and teen STDs, schools have begun providing and investing in sex education.

IV.Thesis: To understand why educators provide sex education in schools, the audience should learn three reasons educators list for providing sex education.

I.Many educators provide sex education because they fear the long-term consequences of teens not being provided with sex education.

A.Schools provide sex education for fear that teens do not understand that they can be prosecuted for behavior that was once considered horsing around such as slapping a girl’s bottom or kissing her when she refuses. These students can receive sentences as sex offenders that follow them for life.

B.Schools want students to know about STDs because of fears that an uninformed student body can increase the statistics of teens with STDs at school.

C.Schools want to educate students about the risks of pregnancy for fear of a rise in teen pregnancy.

Transition:Now that we have discussed fears of the long-term consequences of teens not being provided with sex education, let’s discuss fear teens will learn misinformation from their peers.

II.Another reason educators choose to provide sex education to teens is they fear teens will receive...

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