Teenagers and Parents

Topics: Change, Cognition, Idea Pages: 2 (464 words) Published: January 9, 2011
David Millan
Why Don’t Parents And Teenagers Always Understand One Another?

There are many reasons why parents and teenagers don’t always understand one another, but I think the main reason is because there is poor communication between them. I’m sure parents wound understand teenagers more, if only teenagers had the strength of telling their parents what they thing and how they feel. This way parents would understand and accept the changes that their children go through as they become teenagers; especially changes in friends, new technology, and the activities their teens want to participate in.

Parents are often worried about the new friends their children make, and think they are bad influence. Some parents are so religious that they don’t want their children to have friends from other religions because they don’t want their children to change their beliefs. Other parents even tell their children not to have friends that play a different kind of sport because they want them to concentrate on the sport they are best at. New friends worry parents, but seen like a good idea to kids, and this causes misunderstandings.

Many times technology can be a problem between parents and teenagers. Technology keeps improving, and while it gets better, parents keep getting affected by it, especially by internet, there are many good things in the internet but access to it has its hazards for kids. Parents should trust that their kids are surfing the web safely. Some parents don’t know or don’t understand what teenagers are doing with new technology, and that makes them mad. What makes parents really mad, however is that some times they want to learn how to use new technology and teenagers don’t help them. Therefore I think they have to cooperate with each other.

The biggest reason why parents and teenagers have arguments is because teenagers these days like partying and drinking, and most parents really hate this. Drinking and partying makes teenagers listen to...
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