Teenager Satire

Topics: Need, Want, Minimum wage Pages: 2 (446 words) Published: April 29, 2006
Teenagers in Charge

Adults! Who really needs them? I mean seriously, they are way over populated. Besides they are dumb, they don't know anything! A great proposal has come to my attention. Why not, perhaps, throw out all the adults from any sort of power. They will be below us. They won't be our parents, they won't be able to tell us what to do in our home or even in work. We shall take over all of their work, property, vehicles, money, finances, and of course, seniority.

First, we will get rid of our useless president. Our country needs a responsible, young teenager who knows their politics. Like I said, the population of adults is about two billion over populated. To resolve this nuisance, we will ship all the extra adults that we don't need to other countries. Some will even fight other countries. Yes, we are fighting for a good cause. We just can't take and pinpoint our finger on that answer yet. At least we know what we are fighting for, unlike some of those countries out there.

Teenagers don't have to go to school. We were born too smart for that stuff anyways. If the adults want to get anywhere in life, they have to attend school. As for us, life is just one big problem free party.

We will close down all those useless businesses like manufacturing companies and other stupid, boring and useless plants. If we like what the adults were running like the amusement parks and skating rinks, then we will keep them open and operate them ourselves. If we feel that those infant adults can take any sort of responsibility to work than we shall hire them starting them off making minimum wage. Im sure they can't be that lazy to work at Burger King.

This proposal does draw a major problem. What do we do with all those worthless and lazy adults who sit around all day sleeping, watching TV, and playing video games? Boot camp, of course! We will train them, spitting in their face, telling them how oblivious they really are. When they are done, that's when they...
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