“Teenage Wasteland” & “the Lottery”

Topics: Family, Luck, Irony Pages: 1 (344 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Irony revealed “The Rocking Horse Winner”
Numerous themes and types of irony are presented in “The Rocking Horse Winner.” One of the main themes is the want for more; more material possessions and of course more money. Another is the search for luck. Paul’s journey for this is what ultimately led to his demise and death at the end of the story. Themes are intertwined and related throughout “The Rocking Horse Winner.” D.H. Lawrence uses irony to portray a clear vision of the themes throughout the work. Irony is used to show how both Paul and his mother search for luck. Paul’s mother believes at one time she had luck. Currently she thinks luck is absent from her due to the fact she married Paul’s father who is considered unlucky by her standards. Paul also is assumed to be unlucky early in the work due to his relation to his father. Paul brings it upon himself to find luck when Paul sees his mother’s view of luck and how it affects his family. In many instances throughout the story Paul is seeking luck with a sense of passion demonstrated by him riding his rocking horse with a fierce glow in his eyes. Paul finds luck briefly through betting on horses with his mother’s gardener Bassett and his Uncle Oscar. Paul believes if he can gain the status of being lucky then he can free his mother from debt, which takes her attention away from him; once free she will be able to turn her attention to Paul and give him the greatest prize of all love. Contrary to his belief his winnings led to his mother foolish spending of his winnings and drive her further into debt. Also Paul hopes the house will stop saying, “There must be more money” when he gives his winnings derived from his so-called luck, but differing from that hope when Paul gives her more money the statement just gets more pronounced due to her undying greed. Intern Paul’s winnings just fuel the fire of greed.
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