Teenage Suicide

Topics: Suicide, Adolescence, The Complete Manual of Suicide Pages: 2 (612 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Every thirty seconds in 2012 a teenager committed suicide. Click Everyone in the world has or will be bullied at least once in their life. But why? Why does bullying occur?
All throughout human history there has been a social hierarchy. An order of where people stand in society. A popularity scale as it where. Since the first neanderthalic chief, to this day. Everyone is on this scale of, ‘how cool you are’.

Two kids at luchtime. One, small… weak… most probably fat aswell. has a bag of lollies. The other kid, comes over and uses ‘force’ to take the lollies. There we have it,bullying at its finest, the hierarchy of this playground. The weak fat boy pushed to the bottom and the kid with the lollies is now at the panicle of coolness.

That was a simple example of bullying, but what does good old Wikipedia have to say on the issue? Bullying is the use of force, intimidation or abuse, and what does the word bullying actually mean? To make one obsolete.

At the start of my speech I mentioned teen suicide, and since ive been talking, if we are running on track with 2012 data and im running on the right time. Two human around our age have committed suicide.They have been made………Obsolete. Now im not saying that all teenage suicides are a result of bullying. According to Doctor Jeff Yalden, a psychology professor, there are three reasons teenagers commit suicide.

One Life’s Pressures Too Much for teenagers, with helicopter parents, school, sport and homework from seven different subjects due tomorrow, Suicide is an easy permanent solution for a short term problem.

Two Acceptance or Strugling to fit in. Last week three unconnected teenage boys commited suicide because they were homosexual, or atleast they were bullied so prefusly about homosexuality they took their own lives. exept one of them wasn’t a teenager at all. He was ten years old.

And thirdly… bullying. At an estimated 86 percent of teen suicides being a result of bullying. It stands high...
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