Teenage Stress

Topics: High school, Adolescence, College Pages: 1 (271 words) Published: March 24, 2007
Over the years, the stress of teenage life has increased dramatically, changing certain ways they may act and think. Teenage years can be both the best and worst of times with many factors adding to the stress; academically or socially. By the time they enter middle school, its more than just "homework" and "school". It's now the real deal. Academics is one of the most known pressure to teenagers these days. Most of them feel as though they're able handle it, and may take on more than they can grasp. At times we question ourselves, "Why should school be so stressful?" It is said, "School is suppose to be a place where young people are to be exposed to new, interesting ‘stuff,' and to learn. That's supposed to be enjoyable to some extent. And of course, you're supposed to make new friends and hang out with them, having the time of your young life." Unfortunately, that is different for most people. Where there's fun, there are responsibilities and expectations that follow. Teenagers begin to face jam-packed schedules, hours of homework and projects, high expectations, demanding social lives and way too little sleep. All of this eventually accumulates, putting great stress on even the smartest, straight-A student.

Parents are another stress factor as well. They tend to set high expectations for their children, however, pay no attention to the amount of time and work that has to be put in. Students may start to feel that they're pressured to get good grades in order to please their parents or get into good schools.
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