Teenage Stress

Topics: Adolescence, Peer group, High school Pages: 2 (769 words) Published: March 12, 2007
Causes of Teenage Stress
Stress is something that every human being has to undergo throughout his or her lives. Teenagers of this generation have many obstacles to overcome throughout their high school years. According to NBC news polls, 99% of teens say they feel at least some level of stress. Teenagers go through massive amounts of stress everyday because of the academic pressure and career decisions, relationships with friends and family, and peer pressure.

The main cause of teenage stress is academic pressures and making career decisions. Students in high school have a heavy workload that they must complete at a certain time. It is especially hard to do this when you are taking honors of A.P classes that give you harder and more work than any other courses. Teenagers are also overloaded because most students have extra curricular activities, such as sports, clubs, and work. Choosing a career path is not east for teens to do, they are constantly being pressured by teachers and parents to select their future careers. Once teens pick their path they are then stressed about what college to pick because they need to make sure that the college has the best courses in the field they wish to study. When they pick their college they begin to stress about whether or not their S.A.T scores are high enough for them to be accepted. Academic and career decisions can really take a toll on teens and begin to wear them down.

Teenage relationships with their friends and family also have a great impact on stress levels. The relationship a student has with their parents greatly affects their work. After a long day at school the last thing anyone wants to hear from their parents is do the dishes or clean your room. This causes kids to get angry with their parents and then they do not concentrate on their work because their mind is already preoccupied with anger. Another important relationship that teenagers have is with their friends. Once there were two girls that were best...
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