Teenage Sexuality in "Brave New World"

Topics: Human sexual behavior, Human sexuality, Sexual intercourse Pages: 5 (1891 words) Published: May 9, 2005
Abnormal, immoral, against the law, shameful, against fords will, these are some of the reactions you might get if you are monogamous during 640 A.F. in the novel Brave New World. Through Huxley's satiric hypothesis of our Y generation and it's numerous viewpoints on promiscuity, he allows us to observe how people are expected to be promiscuous; in fact, not to have sex abundantly is considered morally wrong, to follow ones non-conditioned impulses is sneered and would commonly separate someone from the rest of humanity. Much like a parent Huxley then creates a shriek of horror in our minds when he presents us with its bitter wrongness and how monogamies lost virtue should be re-inherited, if not we will perish. Huxley believes that we should all be monogamous, which means to reside on one person for romantic endeavors, especially our younger adults. Huxley belives that we are not yet old enough to make a smart or stupid decision, because we all know wisdom comes with age. Wrong! Wisdom comes with education. What teenagers need is an un-bias education about sex. The pros and cons equally distributed so that they can make the right decision for themsleves. Huxley argues that young adults need to abstain from sex in order to save their entire generation from destruction. Sex will not destroy us! Times are changing, what will spoil our very existence is not progressing to a new and newer age standard of experiences that most "Boomers" would have said, "Restricted to adults"(sex included). This is not only wrong it is un-ethical; why should sex be reserved for an age group? Sex is not a ride at six flags; it is a natural occurrence between beings of the same nature, but different gender (2nd definition, Webster's online dictionary). In fact parents say, "Oh my son/daughter would never do anything like that…we raised them well"; really mom and dad? Well, then explain to me why the recent NYU (New York University) study of teenage sexual behavior accounted that "more then 50% of American teens in grades 9 through 12 have been sexually active? Furthermore, out of this (54 percent) over 90 percent use condoms, which has drastically risen since 1988 where "53 percent" (Center for Health Statistics and research, 6525 Belcrest Road, Hyattsville, Md. 20782) didn't even try to use condoms during their frequent frolicking. So, let us recap HALF OF ALL THE INNOCENT ARE NOT REALLY INNOCENT! Think about it, children from age 13 to 19 are having sex on a regular basis, with protection; and parents have no idea. This frequent assumption proves that if we (society) stop in our tracks and decide to reside in the now with no further expansion or understanding, we are killing ourselves! Sex is no longer a bond between a husband and wife, or a holy gratification that only married couples can enjoy. Sexual relations in today's high school atmosphere are no more or less common then a high five in the hallways, or a simplistic gossip about the latest cheerleader and football start "hooking up" at a party. A recent study of 500 high school students from an under privlaged Harlem New york neighborhood, and 500 highschool students from a privileged prep school in manhattan (new york) school show that in Harlem 72 percent of teens have been sexually active, compared to the minute 7 percent among prpe-school students. (NYU's recent study of teenage sexuality and the human psyce ). Based on these severe differences between geographical opposites, we can speculate that, If teenagers are concentrated primarily on their school work, there will be less time for sexual relations. The amount of work students are given in under privileged schools seems incomparable compared to the massive load that preperatory students must endure. Teenagers are just bored, and are looking to experiment, what's wrong with that? Teenagers are always surprised at the thought their parents go through in order to convince them not to have sex! Ironically, parents are...
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