Teenage Prgnacy

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Tom Miller
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Teenage pregnancy is a difficult time for both the girl and the guy, you might not be financially ready for a baby, and you can’t keep a steady job and teens that get pregnant are less likely to attend college unless someone is watching or talking care of your baby. 2/3 of teenage pregnancies occur 18-19 years of age, out of all teenage pregnancies 82 percent didn’t plan to be mothers and 70 % of teen females who have babies do not finish high school and only 30% do finish high school. Being a mother of a new born child takes a lot of patients and responsibilities the medical bills will be high and you have to pay for the baby’s cloths, food, crib, etc... When a baby is first born they spend around $50 a week on diapers formula and baby food. The year round cost for a baby is $12000-$13000 if the mother smokes the baby will less likely to b a healthy baby and will probably have asthma and the baby will probably be under wait and might become mentally ill. Teen fathers have the responsibilities of providing for the care of their babies. Some states require teen fathers to pay child support till the baby is 18.they are less likely to graduate from high school or college than there peers who did not become fathers when they were teens. Teen fathers usually do not marry the mother off there children. As a result teen fathers often spend little time with there children. Children do not thrive as well when there is a lack of contact with their father fathers often later in their life feel emptiness of not being close to there children. There’s a 14% chance the teen mother will have a miscarriage, 26% of teenage pregnancies end in abortion, 53 % of all teens said they had sex without a condom, and less than 2% give their baby up for adoption . When you are drinking and your partner is with you, you are more likely to have sex with them. The female can become pregnant the first time she has sex. She can become pregnant even...
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