Teenage Pregnancy and Dropout Rates.

Topics: High school, Dropout, College Pages: 3 (1119 words) Published: December 9, 2011
In today’s society the pressure put on young adults to receive a good education is increasing every year. Despite this pressure many adolescents are dropping out of school in large numbers. Whether its high school, community college or a major university the number of kids who manage to complete their education from start to finish is getting smaller. In a school setting pressure is applied to young adults to succeed from a very young age. From the time children enter grammar school they are being molded for success. Kids are being told that in order to get a high paying job in today’s society they will need to receive a good education. When I was younger I remember my second grade teacher Mrs. Renfrew telling me “all rich people have attended college. “ This was something that stuck with me for the better part of my childhood.

The first thing my home room teacher Mr. Spears told me when entering my freshmen year of high school was “Look at the person to your left, and the person to your right. By the time graduation comes only one of you will be walking on stage to receive your diploma. According to the National Center for Education Statistics they had calculated that the national Graduation rate to be 73.9 percent. It is much higher than my homeroom teacher had described. The Graduation rates can fluxuate quite drastically depending on where you live. According to the “whatever it takes” article from 2005, graduation rates were exceptionally high in the state of New Jersey at 87% , while in a state like South Carolina the graduation rate was a paltry 60%. Areas with high poverty are also prone to having higher dropout rates.

According to the Council for Exceptional Children there are many different reasons that kids chose to drop out of high school. Many kids feel they need to drop out of school because they have to get a job. With the country under tough economic stress many kids are taking jobs to help support their families. I personally know...
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