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This assignment will consist of 4000 words based around the health issue of teenage pregnancy. I will then discuss the view from a ‘Biopsychosocial’ perspective, which will include explanations as to why pregnancy occurs amongst teenagers. This assignment will include a portfolio of evidence which I collected from various sources about teenage pregnancies. About teenage pregnancy

According to, (UNICEF, 2008) Teenage pregnancy is defined as a teenage girl, typically within the ages of 13-19, becoming pregnant. Teenage pregnancy commonly refers to girls who have not yet reached legal adulthood. In the UK, sex is permissible for girls of sixteen years or over. Most teenagers do not plan on getting pregnant at an early age, however, some do. Nonetheless, getting pregnant at an early age can cause teenagers extra health risks because their bodies are not mature enough, some risks can be high blood pressure and premature babies, which leads to a low birth weight for the baby. More serious risks can lead to still births or death of the mother and baby (Medline Plus, 2013). Julia Bodeeb also expressed that teenage mothers face difficult changes in pregnancy; this is because teenagers do not in general seek medical help or care during the three trimesters of pregnancy which potentially could cause complications to the baby in later pregnancy (Bodeeb, 2011) Around 16 million girls give birth every year in the world. The majority of these pregnancies are from less developed countries. However, according to WHO (2012) around three million girls have unsafe abortions every year, this is because young girls are scared of telling people that they are pregnant in case they get judged for example friends not wanting to be around them, family telling them to leave home and partners leaving them. Epidemiological data on Teenage Pregnancy

The media has a huge impact on publishing statistics about teenage pregnancy whilst doing either one or two things, negatively criticise it, or big it up. A report by Kmietowicz (2002), shows that the rates of teenage pregnancy are higher in the UK and USA .It has been suggested that their education poorly prepares teenage girls for life in a modern sexual society than any other country does. The United Kingdom is currently at the top of the European table with 30 births to every 1000 teenage girls, at the bottom of the table were Sweden who had less than 7 births per 1000 teenage girls. The figures in the article showed that 1.25 million teenagers in some of the world’s wealthiest countries will become pregnant and three quarters of a million teenage girls will become mothers. Also it states that research carried out by the University of Essex shows teenage girls who become pregnant are twice as likely to from poverty stricken families. One study suggests that the blame is due to which the change is socio-sexual transformation puts much more pressure on young girls to experiment with sex rather than the old fashioned traditional family values. By comparison to other similar sized countries in the UK teenagers are more likely to pressurise their peers into experimenting with sex; by the use of conversation, the media and also buying products. This report also showed that it is education which is failing the teenagers and that they should have more knowledge about what happens if they do not take precautions with regards to safe sex (Kmietowicz, 2002) The most worrying report which has recently been subjected to the public by the media is that. It shows that these one million girls will either themselves suffer complications of pregnancy or that their unborn child may suffer from complications of pregnancy. These complications could be life threatening to both mother and bay and could have long lasting effects on both the health and well-being of the mother and baby. Many teenage girls become pregnant because they are denied access to contraception because they are either not available in...

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