Teenage Pregnancy

Topics: Teenage pregnancy, Pregnancy, Adolescence Pages: 3 (1113 words) Published: October 2, 2010
Teenage pregnancy is considered a public issue because it is a matter that not only involves the pregnant teen herself but also the parents, those related to the parents, the school for example as well the country’s image. Teenage pregnancy became a public issue right after the numbers of unwanted teen pregnancies went up and with these numbers up then other social malpractices will emerge with it, things like throwing away of babies and abortion. Social acts as these will affect the country’s image as well as the parents, in a society where things like this happen it will basically mean the publics concerned that is parents, teachers and government aren’t doing their job like implementing sex education in government schools, teaching proper sex education in schools and the upbringing of the child is terrible. According to the South African Journal of Psychology, teen pregnancy can lead to an increase in school dropouts and this will affect the image of the government when it comes to educational issues. This essay will talk about how teen pregnancy specifically in Malaysia is considered a public relations issue, the publics involved as well as their relation or interest to the issue.

According to the Malay Mail online news article titled Teenage Pregnancy: Premature Adulthood published on August 11th 2010, it had questioned the Malacca’s chief minister’s suggestion of building schools specifically for teens with unwanted pregnancies. The reason behind is that if this suggestion is put into action then it will simply encourage more teens to get pregnant, this conclusion was referenced to an event in Australia in the 1980s in which the government paid money to teenage mothers as a means of solving the teen pregnancy issue but instead the overall number of unplanned pregnancies shot up the roof. How this first issue is related to public relations is that publics like the press and a government figure the Chief Minister of Malacca are involved in this issue. It...

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