Teenage Pregnancy

Topics: Human sexual behavior, Pregnancy, Sexual intercourse Pages: 3 (974 words) Published: March 6, 2013

Teenage Pregnancy

Teenage pregnancy is a huge issue going on in the United States. Not only does it dramatically decrease the chance of the teen having a good future, it also costs the U.S nine billion dollars a year. With approximately 750,000 American teenagers getting pregnant every single year the government is beginning to worry. Although teenage pregnancy is an issue for young girls all around the world the U.S has the highest pregnancy rate – twice as high as England or Canada, and ten times higher than Switzerland. So how do we stop this on going trend? Is media the one to blame? Or is it the lack of sex education classes in the us?

Teenage pregnancy has attracted significant attention in the entertainment industry over the past two years. Including popular shows such as MTV’s “16 and pregnant”, “Teen mom”, “Secret life of the American Teenager”, “Degrassi”, and many more. These shows are supposed to be a learning experience for teens, but for some it is being criticized saying that it is “glamorizing” teenage pregnancy. Michael Rich, A pediatrician and director of the Center on media and Child Health Care, goes to say “By normalizing and giving permission for sexual activity, permission that seems to override parental disapproval, media may be the most powerful and universal influence on young people’s sexual attitudes and decision-making.” This quote meaning that although parents disapprove with there teens condoning in sexual activity, they will go along with the medias messages for what they think is “normal.” The media also sets high expatiations for love and relationships that can confuse teenagers and higher there expatiations. Michael Rich goes on to say, “Media portrayals of sex as a fun, carefree, and common activity that does not warrant concerns, cautions, contraception, or consequences may cultivate similar beliefs and influence sexual behaviors among youth.” This quote is...
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