Teenage Alcoholism

Topics: Alcoholism, Alcohol, Alcohol abuse Pages: 4 (1093 words) Published: April 10, 2013
1.According to statistics on alcoholism and alcohol abuse statistics, even though alcohol has been used in a number of diverse ways. a. Throughout history these ways can be called "useful," however, known thousands of years ago that abusive and excessive drinking led to negative outcomes and adverse alcohol side effects. b. The symptoms associated with this are mostly societal and personal problems. 2.Research studies have shown that teenage alcoholism is correlated to the age at which teens start drinking and to the amount and the frequency of their drinking. 3.More precisely, the average age when teenagers first try alcohol is 11 years old for boys and 13 years old for girls. a.The earlier teenagers drink, the more they drink, and the more frequently they drink, the greater the probability that they will suffer from teenage alcoholism.

a.Alcoholism is a chronic disease in which someone becomes dependent on alcohol, in teenagers it’s different than alcohol abuse. 1). Some teens will only drink occasionally and will be able to control their drinking. 2). For some, alcohol can be very addictive.

i. According to NIAAA (National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism), "40% of those who start drinking before the age of 15 meet criteria for alcohol dependence at some point in their lives." ii. For those teens that become addicted, it is a battle they will have to face for the rest of their lives. 2. Alcohol is the number one abused substance by teenagers in the United States. a.It's prevalence in this age group is quite staggering.

b.According to the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse - Columbia University, "underage drinkers account for 11.4% of all the alcohol consumed in the United States."
3. Alcoholism involves the following:
a.Excessive consumption - drinking to the extent where it impairs both physical and mental functions b.Physical dependence - Despite having negative effects on their...

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