Teen Violence

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Violence has affected many different people in many different ways.In some ways violence has affected me.Youth violence should be a main concern in today's society.there are some things that need to take place for violence to stop.Some adults do have a choice against violence and the adults who do bad things will most likely lead the children to do bad things.

Violence has affected my life in many ways.One way violence has affected my life is by fights.I have seen fights and been in fights one thing that I have learned from fights is that they are hurtful even when you are just aruging,it can take you to say and do stuff you will regret when you forgive or if you are forgiven.Another way that violence has affected my life is by the neighborhood I live in.It hurts me to see some of the people in my neighborhood kill and fight each other over simple things like a cigarrette.

I can name a lot of causes of youth violence and go on with but I am only going to name a couple.One reason is that the kids are just like there just like their parent(s) they don't care about anything but the wrong thing.Some kids don't care about anything not even their parents because I overheard some kids talking about their parents.Some other causes of youth violence their bad influenced peers.The peers thet they hang out with influence them to do bad things and say bad things.

What I think I can do about youth violence is to ask some teachers at our school to talk to some of the students and ask why they do what they do.Another thing that I think I can do is secretly ask them why they do the things they do and maybe they would tell me because I am one of their peers.Something else I can do about youth violence is sit down with some of them and help them understand what is expected of them in and out of school.Another thing is to ask them why they act like their eighteen-years of age and twenty-one-years of age when most of them are between the ages of...
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