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Teen Suicide

Topics: Suicide, Suicide methods / Pages: 3 (1017 words) / Published: Jan 18th, 2005
Teen suicide has had a substantial growth in the past couple of years. It is now one of the most common ways for a teen to die. It is the third leading cause of death for teens from the ages of 15-24 . The issue of teen suicide has been around for a long time. It is usually caused by stress and in a sense teen suicide has been around since children have been getting stress put onto them more and more. Teen suicide is a very common issue. As I stated before it is the third leading cause for the deaths of teens from the ages of 15-24.

If you think that only teens are at risk of teen suicide then you are completely wrong. The parents of the children who do commit suicide are also at risk and are almost always affected. Parents can suffer from psychological problems. They can blame themselves and then later attempt to commit suicide as well. Parents can also fall into a deep depression and suffer from mental problems. It is not just the teens that are affected but the parents as well.

Teen suicide is caused by several different things. One of the major reasons why teens commit suicide is because of stress or pressure. Most people don 't realize how stressful a teen 's life really is. Teens receive stress or pressure from just about everything. They receive stress from their parents, puberty, the opposite sex, other teens, getting a job, but most of all school. The stress or pressure that teens receive from their parents is in a way intergraded with school. Most parents expect their children to do the best and be the best in their school. This puts a large amount of stress on the teen to perform well academically. Another way a teen may receive stress and pressure academically is by all of the work that they are given. Most schools give a large amount of homework in each class and most of the projects are do around the same time making it very hard for a teen to have time to relax and deal with the issue. They don 't have enough time to get everything done and this puts a large amount of stress and pressure onto a teen. Parents don 't just give a teen stress or pressure about their academic abilities about also about sports. Some parents force their teens to play a sport so they can get a scholarship or so the parents can live their dreams through their teens.

Other teens and the opposite add stress and pressure together. A teen may receive stress and pressure about the opposite sex from his or her friends. Such things as getting a boyfriend or girlfriend or whether or not they have had sex and are a virgin or not are types of stresses and pressures that a teen can and most likely will receive from other teens. Also another major stressor for teens is whether or not they are gay or not. Most teens who are gay don 't want to believe that they are. They will then deny the fact and this will force stress and pressure on them to act as if they are not gay and get a boyfriend or girlfriend. Teens will also commit suicide for the fact that they are gay and don 't want to be gay because they think it is wrong or that their friends and family will not accept them for who they really are. If a teen is a loner and don 't have many friends can lead to teens suicide. Most teens feel unwanted when no one will talk to them in school. They might begin to think that they are unwanted everywhere and they have to be reassured that they are wanted. That just because they don 't fit in at school doesn 't mean that they are unwanted.

Teen suicide affects the body by pretty much destroying the body when the teen kills him or her. But before the teen actually commits suicide the teen 's wellness in general declines dramatically. The teen falls into a deep depression. They begin to loose their appetite. The teen might become a loner and not want to be around anyone that often if at all.

Some of the symptoms that a teen is contemplating committing suicide are a dramatic decline in their general wellness. They might also think that they are ugly and are unhappy with their appearance, begin to get sick out of nowhere and complain about little things and become very moody. Teens may also hint at the fact that they are not wanted and that "they won 't be around too much longer to bother you" (found on -

There are some adverse affects that can be treated medically. A parent can get a teen zocor or any type of anti-depressant. Another way that this issue can be treated is through the help of a therapist or a psychiatrist. They can help to find out what is wrong and how it can be changed or fixed.

Teen suicide can be prevented by catching the signs and symptoms early. Don 't think other wise, the second you have the slightest feeling that a teen might be depressed say something and get help as soon as possible. Pay attention to the teen sometimes it is just because that feel neglected and unwanted. Also talk about the issue with the teen, don 't let anything go by. Let the teen know that they are wanted and needed and that he or she is loved.

Teen suicide is a forever growing issue. As I stated before it is the third leading causer of death for teens from the ages of 15-24. It is cause by stress and can be prevented. Just give the teen sometime to themselves and don 't cram all of this homework on them. You have to let them know that it is ok to just be themselves. That they don 't always have to impress everyone and that they are great people the way that they are right now.



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